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Sustainable results aren’t easy nor quick.

One common language for well-being at work.

Only in this way can you achieve sustainable results. During an energetic keynote we bring all noses in the same direction. Up next? We implement our well-being insights in your organization during incentive training or skills training. If desired, we build a well-being culture in which 'mental health in all policies' is central. This way you arrive at 'one mission, one voice'. We always do this in co-creation and with the use of handy apps, so that the well-being policy is strengthened and supported by the entire organization.

Ever tried to make a trotting herd turn around?

Not that easy. As an organization you want to prevent your employees from swarming around, but instead moving in the same direction. The chance that that happens spontaneously, from common sense? Non-existent. That is why it is essential that you define a goal and push your employees in the same direction. That's what we do during our nudging training and through our collective approach: giving people little pushes so that – in  addition to a common language – they also gradually develop one healthy pattern of behavior.

Human behaviour is always changing. Situation to situation, moment to moment, second to second.

The right skills are key.

If your employees lack skills, a well-integrated well-being policy will not come to fruition. We sharpen their competencies during practical workshops, training courses and peer reviews. And we go further than a classic training by the book. Learning about resilience, feedback or leadership during a basketball training? Why not! Oh My People goes three steps further than the theory, so that your employees also successfully apply these strategies in new unfamiliar situations.

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