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Stress is here to stay.

Are you under stress? Or do you turn stress into an advantage? It's up to you! 

Today we are battling stress and the call to reduce the workload is getting louder and louder. Unrealistic in a world that is changing at lightning speed! A smarter track? Investigate what causes the workload and how your employees can be in the driving seat again. One thing is certain: a quick guide alone is not enough.

Measuring is knowing.

Data? The driver of Oh My People, without a doubt. Using up-to-date data, Oh My People reveals the professional pain points around well-being in your organization. Can employees be the best version of themselves in the current business context? Or is there still a lot of work to be done in the welfare shop? Who needs what, and when but also how do we need to introduce appropriate support?

What’s up with your people? That's what the next three scans tell us.

  • The resilience barometer focuses on the resilience of your employees. Do they have the right skills to tackle stress complaints? And can they also maintain this resilience in new, unfamiliar circumstances? Indeed, every action required energy. A fabulous car without fuel still does not get anywhere…
  • The Stresscrafting® 3D-scan focuses on the interaction between your employees and the organization. This dynamic model exposes the consequence of the interaction between the individual and the work environment. To what extent is the employee willing or able to invest time and energy to improve job satisfaction? To what extent is your organization really an organization where you have the chance to be the best version of yourself?
  • Last but not least, there is the psychosocial risk analysis, which highlights potential well-being pitfalls in your organization.

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