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37% of organizations understand what their employees need to be the best version of themselves in the workplace. Time to break the status quo!

Oh My People looks at stress and burnout in a groundbreaking way and supports companies with a custom-made approach to well-being.

Goal-oriented and data-driven, because we know from research that mental well-being is the catalyst for achieving your business goals. Impact? A working environment in which employees do not excel once, but approach their full potential every single day. 

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Curious about how you can make stress work for your organization? This is how we roll. Oh My People immerses itself in your organization and sets out the outlines of a strategic well-being policy. Not a theoretical manual, but a substantiated plan that collectively and continuously supports your employees, regardless of their work context. People do change the world!

Stress is here to stay. Make sure it becomes your BFF.

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Oh My People analyses, inspires and optimizes. We achieve sustainable results in your organization with bold wellbeing solutions. Ready to improve?

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Thinking before we act, strengthened by data: the trademark of Oh My People. We switch quickly and roll out a plan that fits the essence of your company.

Our team

In the cockpit at Oh My People? None other than Elke Van Hoof. Together with a passionate team, she pushes well-being to the top of the priority list.

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Reducing stress in the workplace? Supporting  employees who are struggling or are out for a longer period? We bundle hands-on tips and tricks in blogs, videos and opinion pieces.

The strength of Stresscrafting.

Eliminate stress from our lives? no thanks! Stress improves memory, boosts productivity and even boosts the immune system. Through Stresscrafting®, a unique and underbuild methodology, developed by Elke Van Hoof, we teach employees to become stronger from stress. Our goal? Ensuring that your colleagues stand firm in a world that is changing at lightning speed.

In co-creation, data-driven and no-nonsense.

This is Oh My People!

Elke Van Hoof surrounds herself with exceptionally committed psychologists and coaches. Highly skilled, highly trained and burning with ambition to make a difference every day. With a underbuild approach and a strong line of empathy, we optimize your well-being policy from the inside out. This way your employees can always be the best version of themselves.

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Inside the head of Elke Van Hoof: her books


Eerste hulp bij thuiswerken. Een praktische gids voor werkgever en -nemer (NL)

Elke Van Hoof

Weer aan de slag. Anders omgaan met langdurige afwezigheid (NL)

Elke Van Hoof

De Chief Happiness Officer. Stappenplan voor een strategisch welzijnsbeleid op het werk (NL)

Elke Van Hoof

Elke Van Hoof

Clinical psychologist, author and entrepreneur. Inspirator, innovator and motivator.

Elke Van Hoof is the driving force behind Oh My People. With an indomitable passion and constant hunger for scientific knowledge, she shares her vision on stress, burnout, return to work and resilience with the general public. Realistic, straightforward and refreshingly no-nonsense.

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