Oh My People


Transforming stress into a strength.

In good and bad times.

As a company, you do not only support your employees when they achieve results. More than 75% of employees choose an employer that shares their values ​​and standards, even when things are not going well. If your colleagues hit rock bottom, Oh My People goes into action mode. Coaching, career counceling, resumption of work support… We tackle every challenge with the right solution.

Oh My People

121 days.

This is how much time we need on average to get employees back to the workplace. The best proof that our approach to work resumption works, because it usually takes employees 189 days to pick up the thread again. But even after the restart, we will not let your employees go. Oh My People keeps its finger on the pulse, this is how we achieve sustainable results.

Stress is not our enemy.

Oh My People
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