Oh My People


Why we need to make stress work.

One in three.

That's how many - or rather how few - employees feel that they can be the best version of themselves in the workplace today. Take this group away from their familiar environment and only 40% manage to maintain their resilience. Our approach significantly increases this percentage so that every individual can be the best version of themselves in the workplace, regardless of the context in which they work and regardless of the context your company finds itself in tomorrow. 

Above and below the waterline.

That's how Oh My People analyzes the well-being needs of employees and clearly maps them out. How resilient do your employees feel? What strategies do they employ to be resilient? And more importantly: can they also roll it out in new, unfamiliar circumstances? Oh My People shows in black and white exactly where the stress shoe pinches. Not on gut feeling, but based on various, enlightening facts. This way you know exactly who needs what in your organization and how you can best offer support. The starting point for a future-proof well-being policy!

Oh My People

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