Oh My People

Ideas develop your leaders

Be ready to act on what you find.

People come first.

We support people managers so that they can build strong teams, cope with change smoothly and achieve strong business results.

Stresscrafting® teaches managers and executives how to create and monitor a well-being context, which also focuses on results.

Based on the well-being strategy, we identify the essential messages that each leader conveys, in order to adjust the corporate culture and behavior from there. The result? A workplace where everyone can be the best version of themselves.

We translate the Oh My People purpose model to fit your organization. What does this mean concretely? Let's see!

Observe. The letter o stands for observe, because we take a sharp look at your business context. Within wich context are your employees working? Which stakeholders play a role? Essential factors in determining your wellbeing needs!
Horizon. Under the letter h, we determine the horizon and plant a well-being flag resolutely: the symbol of your ambitions for well-being in the workplace. This is where we're headed!
My People. The ultimate goal? Let every employee grow into a convinced ambassador of your well-being policy. With a well-thought-out action plan, well-thought-out marketing and tons of energy, we bring the resounding well-being ambitions to your team. We provide a good dose of inspiration, create one common language, stimulate a collective pattern of behavior and sharpen skills. We do this with, among other things, powerful keynotes, hands-on training and result-oriented workshops. In this way, wellbeing becomes a living organism that takes your business to the next level.

Oh My People

Oh My People
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