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We build a better world by making stress work and offering tailored solutions.

Deeply rooted in scientific data, driven by co-creation and known for its no-nonsense approach.

Oh My People does things differently. In charge? Elke Van Hoof, the reference in the field of stress, burnout, return to work and resilience. Our team of inspired trainers, psychologists and coaches think anything but pigeonholed and successfully convert valuable insights into practice. Get to know us!

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Elke Van Hoof

Professor, clinical psychologist, author and entrepreneur. Inspirator, innovator and motivator. Elke Van Hoof is the driving force behind Oh My People. With an indomitable passion and constant hunger for scientific knowledge, she shares her vision on stress, burnout, return to work and resilience with the general public. Realistic, straightforward and refreshingly no-nonsense.

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our team

Oh My People is a passionate collective of psychologists and coaches who propagate our unique DNA down to the last detail. Each one highly skilled, highly trained and continuously focused on measurable welfare gains in companies. They do this with tons of enthusiasm, a bold entrepreneurial mentality and a strong streak of empathy.

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our mission

Our mission? Helping people to grow into the best version of themselves, in a work environment that firmly puts mental well-being first. We sit down with companies, grasp the data firmly and approach wellbeing challenges with a targeted, direct approach. In addition, our solutions meet sky-high quality requirements. Scientifically substantiated, endorsed by independent experts. In this way we achieve effective results in the long term.

Oh My People

The strength of the team is each individual member, the strength of each member is the team.

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