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One mission, one voice. Let’s get the good stress going! 

Mapping out a wellbeing policy is not rocket science.

You can already build a rough foundation in seven steps. Bringing the wellbeing policy to life so that you build a real Stresscrafting® culture is the big challenge. What can you expect from us? Efficient communication strategies that take your employees in tow. Based on targeted solutions, we develop behavior that feeds the well-being culture and keeps the well-being of your employees optimal.

People do change the world. Are you in?

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Once your well-being vision has been devised, we bring everyone to the same goal through a specially designed communication strategy. We work out the strategy together and relieve you if necessary. We fire short shots of happiness into your organization. Indeed, body and mind adapt fastest through a recurring stimulus.

The first thing a strategy does, is … derail.

Just as important as the action plan is communication strategy. It is from 48 hours after a workshop, keynote, training, ... that we already see the net profit disappear. Unless a good nudging strategy is applied. Teaching microhabits and following the mindset in which these microhabits flourish is key. At Oh My People, we lead you through the valley of disappointments.

Working on well-being is not a one-off, but a continuous investment. We help you through our wellbeing application, so that your wellbeing strategy is in the palm of your hand. Surveys, challenges, monitoring healthy behaviour, a library full of inspiration and the door to support... All-in-one. One click away! Connecting the dots by bringing all your wellbeing solutions together. And above all: rewarding, inspiring and motivating, for example through a link with your compensatory and benefits strategy.

People do change the world. Are you in?

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