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You get what you repeat.

Let’s face it: With a one-off keynote or workshop, you don't banish stress from your company.

Sustainable success is the result of daily habits. nudge? Essential to make a strategy work! Oh My People repeatedly offers bite-sized routines, in line with the integrated wellbeing policy and with an eye for what works for your employees. Intuitive tool or activating communication plan: you name it! In this way we tempt people to spontaneously adopt the desired behavior in the long term. On autopilot, without losing energy. The result? Sustainable improvement, measurable in any case. Our data is the best proof of that!

Get 1% better every day.

That's what we achieve with nudging. Unlike a one-shot training, we nudge your employees to make a small effort every day. Big changes? You don't see it right away. But with 1 step every day, after a few weeks, the well-being curve goes up steeply. Persistence clearly wins: after a year you score almost 40% better with your well-being policy than at the start.

The slow pace of transformation also makes it easy to slide back to normal. One single decision is easy to dismiss.

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